Thanks to its competitive human capital, leading technology, engineering applied to design, and the ability to create manufacturing projects in a variety of materials; ALCO DISEÑO Y MANUFACTURA, together with its customers, develops significant projects and products for transforming and distributing electric energy, found in a variety of industries, including:
The main competitive advantage that we have is the flexibility to adapt to the needs and demands of a market that is constantly growing and demanding products that exceed expectations in quality and functionality.
An essential part in project development is the human capital we employ to design, process, assemble and deliver to our customers’ satisfaction.

The experience we have acquired throughout the years enables us to offer you, rather than just products, actual solutions tailored to your needs.

We rely on computer systems and machinery geared towards pinpoint accuracy, thus delivering products of the highest quality.


The first station in the manufacture process is the cutting area, where the operator programs the caliber of raw materials, sets the measurements and number of parts to be cut. This process has an accuracy of .02 tenths of a millimeter to meet the highest standards. We have a plate cutting capacity of up to 3/8. We currently have 2 laser cutters and 2 guillotine cutters, so delivery times are significantly reduced.


Perforating is a mechanical operation by means of special tools suitable for cutting that enable separating a metallic part from another to obtain a particular form. These equipments have a perforating accuracy of up to .08 tenths of a millimeter on positioning. It creates special inlays smaller than 2 1/22”, with a perforating capacity of up to 40 tons (1/4 thick), and with a maximum sheet processing width of 15m in a single process.


One of our high-tech tools is our folding equipment, enabling the accuracy our customers require. We currently have folding machines with a capacity ranging from 42 to 220 tons, with an accuracy of .01 tenths of a millimeter. This allows us to offer highly specialized product designs and optimum production times.


Welding is a manufacturing process that joins two materials (most commonly metals), usually achieved through fusion, where parts are welded and merged together and capable of adding a molten filling material, becoming a set bond when cooled. We currently weld by TIG (tungsten inert gas). The great advantage of this welding method is, basically, obtaining welds that are more resistant, more pliable and less sensitive to corrosion than through other procedures, given that the protective gas prevents all contact between atmospheric oxygen and the fusion bath. A further advantage of arc welding in an inert atmosphere is in achieving clean and uniform welds as a result of a lack of smoke and projections; the mobility of the gas surrounding the clear arc allows the welder a clear view of his work at all times, with favorable quality results.
Likewise, we are capable of welding through the MIG process, this versatile way can deposit metal at great speed and in all positions.


After having gone through the prior processes, all manufactured products must comply with a washing procedure. At this station, all of the steel’s possible impurities are removed, such as grease, oil, dust, etc. This process enables a simultaneous degreasing, rinsing and sealing of metallic surfaces through a simple and single operation that ensures the excellent adherence of paint, and protects against corrosion. Meeting our client’s quality expectations regarding the finish of all final products depends on this procedure.


Consists of applying resins (powder) by continuous through an airline at controlled speeds, which provides a rapid execution, safety and quality assurance. The paint coating application is an essential part in the quality and presentation of all our products. We apply paint thickeners, colors and textures according to customer specifications and/or product need per type of use, in addition to offering a guarantee in duration in accordance with standard B-117. Our application surpasses the most demanding tests, enduring 480 to 1200 hours in the saline chamber. We have 2 painting areas ready to fulfill all requested delivery datelines.


For sealing enclosures and to protect these against environmental effects, such as humidity, dust and weather, we apply injection sealing in a continuous single part to meet the Formed-In-Place-Foam-Gasket (FIPFG) system. The system consists of a mix of components that create a sealing foam within a few minutes.


At this point, all parts that form a product have been duly cut, welded, detailed and ready to be assembled by our highly skilled staff. Here is where all products take their final shape and it’s simply a matter of joining the various pieces to deliver an item that will surely surpass our client’s expectations. As the final step in the long process that every product undergoes, all final details are added, such as plates, hinges, gaskets, bracket angles, etc.


Last but not least is the logistics for the distribution and delivery of all products manufactured by ALCODM. We have vehicles for all the local as well as national deliveries we offer. For urgent and long-distance deliveries, ALCODM has agreements set in place with freight and courier services at truly affordable prices, which we in turn offer you at exactly the same price as an added value for our customers. Our policy is to ship all products in pallets (when necessary) to avoid damages due to improper handling, as well as cardboard to protect all corners, and wrapped in plastic film to protect against scratches and dents.

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Asimismo, le informamos que sus datos personales pueden ser transferidos y tratados dentro y fuera del país, por personas distintas a esta empresa. En ese sentido, su información puede ser compartida con Buró de Crédito, referencias comerciales y Despachos Jurídicos de Cobranza. Si usted no manifiesta su oposición para que sus datos personales sean transferidos, se entenderá que ha otorgado su consentimiento para ello.
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De acuerdo a lo anterior, el presente Aviso de Privacidad se aplica a toda información, incluyendo los Datos Personales Sensibles.
Usted, como titular de los Datos Personales puede ejercer a través de una solicitud ante ALCO DISEÑO Y MANUFACTURA, S.A. DE C.V., cualquiera de los derechos (ARCO), que se explican a continuación:

Acceso. Es la facultad que tiene usted de solicitar y revisar sus datos personales.

Rectificación. Es el derecho que tiene para la corrección de sus Datos Personales en Posesión de ALCO DISEÑO Y MANUFACTURA, S.A. DE C.V.

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Oposición. Es la facultad que tiene usted de solicitar a la empresa que se abstenga de transferir sus Datos Personales.

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Tratándose de los datos de empleados de ALCO DISEÑO Y MANUFACTURA, S.A. DE C.V., son recopilados para uso exclusivo de la empresa.
Asimismo se les informa que sus datos pueden ser transferidos a personas distintas a esta empresa. En ese sentido la información puede ser tratada para Referencias personales y comerciales. Si usted no manifiesta la oposición a dicha transferencia de datos, entendemos que da su consentimiento para ello.
El empleado se comprometerá a tratar con la confidencialidad necesaria y no divulgar, revelar o reproducir por ningún medio, los datos personales y/o sensibles a que hace referencia la "Ley Federal de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares" que reciba o a los que tenga acceso durante la relación laboral con ALCO DISEÑO Y MANUFACTURA, S.A. DE C.V. y sus filiales.